Custom Built Pool and Spa in China Spring TX

Fire Fire Fire

What the Client Wanted

This custom pool and spa is located in the heart of China Spring, TX.
We were thrilled when our client came to us with a vision of the perfect pool for their family. Not only did they want a spacious pool with room for recreation, but they also wanted a diving pool! We rose to the challenge and created a masterpiece that merges two pools into one.
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The Challenges

One of the primary challenges was to have a multifunctional recreational oasis that includes a volleyball and basketball area, a diving pool, and several benches for those who wish to stay in the pool or the spa and relax while others play.

Aquanauts created an innovative design that created two pools into one dynamic installation that satisfies the desires of the entire family.

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Fire Fire Fire

The family wanted to enjoy the outdoor space at night as well. Aquanauats added a safe an easy to use fire feature…
According to the clients all expectations were exceeded with this project and the family loves the new addition to their property.
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